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 Living a balanced life can be daunting! There are so many old messages that can throw us off.

  •    Work hard
  •    No pain, no gain
  •    Do it right
  •    Don’t think too highly of yourself

You might think of balance as two sides of a coin. You don’t have an authentic coin without both sides.  Each is important to the whole.

We have been taught to pay attention mainly to one side of that coin as indicated by the sayings above. One side might say, “Work hard!” There’s nothing wrong with  working at something you are passionate about. What throws off the balance is the belief that the human “I” is in charge. “I can make it happen! I can succeed  against all odds! I will push until it surrenders.”

This way of thinking leaves no room for a more relaxed approach that allows others to help and allows a simpler way of bringing something about.

I spent this past week with my brother who is an avid golfer.  He offered me suggestions as we hit a bucket of balls. When we got back to his place, he commented that the next step was an understanding about golf that he had received recently that had exponentially changed his game.

He told me, “We are both right handed. The tendency is to whack the ball hard using the force of the right hand. However, I have learned that golf is all about the left hand. As you raise your hands for the swing, the left hand needs to guide you and as you bring your hands down to hit the ball it is the left hand that guides you through the swing.”


I was astounded. In my work, I have learned that the left side of the body (the feminine) is receptive and the right side of the body (the masculine) is active. Follow-through of any kind requires receptivity and action.

By focusing on the left hand in golf, you are open to receiving the flow of the swing. The right hand then balances this openness with the active movement that connects with the ball. If the right hand takes over, ease of the swing is lost. Force leads to an out-of-control ball that may go far, but rarely straight down the fairway.

In life, when we use only one side of the brain or we think there is only one way of doing things, we have lost our balance.

In Complementary Color Therapy, color complements bring together the human doer and the spiritual knower in us. This is another way of bringing in the balance of action and receptivity.

Life can seem difficult without this balance. Action alone is so focused it goes through life putting one foot in front of the other. Receptivity alone has not direction or way of bringing something tangible to life.

The principle of Tao recognizes that human wholeness comes from the balance of duality. We need both dark and light, up and down, awake and asleep, doing and knowing. We are in a lifelong quest to live from the Tao of wholeness.

Now, whenever I play golf, I will be practicing that wholeness by using both my left and right hands in a balanced, easy swing that can take the ball far and straight!

Arlene Arnold



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