Creating an Energy of Inclusion and Hope

In a world of chaos, you may feel there is no place where you can go to take a breath, calm yourself, and return to your center. If you are highly sensitive and intuitive, you may feel overwhelmed and out of sync or you may find yourself covered with energy that’s not yours.

Our mission at Transformational Tools (TT) has been to help us all Discover Our True Selves,  Experience Long-Lasting Healing, and Live Authentically from what we experienced in courses, tools, and mentoring. NOW, MORE IS NEEDED!

We believe that changing humanity starts at the individual level. We are the change we wish to see in the world. Yet doing it alone doesn’t always work. A large group operating in small group sessions can exchange ideas, support each other, and experience tools for life-resilience that can be used everyday.  Here you can experience the energy of inclusion and hope.

That’s why we have launched THE VORTAL, A Vortex where seekers find inspiration and support to step into their Portal of Spiritual Evolution.   

Together, we are inspired to live from the inside instead of drowning in the outside chaos and division. That inside world is your True Self-your Soul Self. If you connect and focus inside while using your virtual telescope to discover your outside world, you will see how your authenticity is bringing hope and change to the world. Through The Vortal, you are joined with sincere seekers, taking steps to live authentically which can bring change to the world as an individual and a community. Together we can generate outside harmony.

Join The Vortal for just $7 a month. Or Learn More about what is available to you in the Vortal.  Come experience a community where you can evolve as the best version of you that is possible in this lifetime!

Sending you waves of love and harmony,

Arlene Arnold, founder of TransformationalTools

Contact Us if you have questions.

  • Here’s what people say about The Vortal:

Stacey Cozza

We wander off our path throughout the years and when it is time to “awaken” to our soul's purpose, we will be pushed that way with a gentle tap or a 2x4 . . . . . I ended up with chronic pain, anxiety and panic attacks and it wasn’t getting any better and was really frustrating as it was limiting my normal activities. Arlene’s class “Transforming Pain & Discomfort” appeared in front of me and I signed up. Class after class I learned simple useful tools to help. I even found my “newest” souls purpose of Qigong!!! It is an amazing experience to heal and grow with the community here at T.T.

Jeanne Bartlemay

I am so grateful I discovered the many resources included in the Vortal. I found practical guidance to heal physical and emotional pain, encouragement to explore my soul self and a welcoming community of interesting and engaged people wanting to learn, grow, laugh, and share. No matter how I felt during a class or group call, (sad, confused or low energy) in this supportive community I felt connection and acceptance.

Susie Rathbone

As a sensitive empath, I was honored to have an opportunity to take Arlene’s class: Journaling with Knowing Self & Color Course 101. I found her insightful knowledge & tools continuously helping me expand to my true self. Through suffering, we can see a deeper meaning of our existence. The process of growing with new tools keeps me connected with my Truth. I am divinely loved & protected. Now I am able to assist my clients with compassion. I’m looking forward to learning more from Arlene and her TT Team, excited to enjoy everything the portal has to offer me on my journey!

Peter Morton

The idea of a membership portal (The Vortal) appeals to me. I’ll set a reminder to check in frequently, catch up on messages, stay in touch with the Transformational Tools community, and calm myself from the intensity of modern life. Count me in!
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