Grass Widow from the deck Medicine of Place

Today is Easter, a time of resurrection!

Why am I not feeling that wave of love coming into our world? How is that I feel far away from resurrection and closer to dissolution. Are you feeling that way too?

Perhaps becoming the observers will give us perspective.

We have been and are still experiencing a time of letting go. We are releasing old patterns of thought, old emotions, and ways of being and doing. As a nation and a world we are in a time of disassembling old ways of being in the world and old ways of doing government, education, politics, and so much more.

As the old falls away, there can be uncertainty. Then comes the virus of all viruses! We isolate, we protect, we mourn, we pray, and we hunker down for as long as it will take. We are forced to develop new ways of living.

The divine intention is not to resume what was!

We are being called into our innate ability to envision and create. As we see what isn’t working, notice what we have taken for granted that is really important, and listen to our hearts, we may be ready to create what we really want!

First see yourself living the life you really want that is in total alignment with your highest and best.  You will know because it feels good in the deepest part of you. When you feel like you can say, “Yes” with enthusiasm, you are ready to mark it as done.  I use this:

And so it is!
And so it shall be!
It is done!

Now we are ready for resurrection or perhaps a different word is needed. How about evolution!

The Grass Widow card at the beginning of this article helps us understand the times we are in:

Many cultural traditions consider our present time to be one in which many cycles at once are drawing to a close, a time of great transition. This threshold challenges us to collectively evolve, transmuting what no longer serves, yet despair often threatens with overwhelm. The medicine of Grass Widow can be found in those visionaries who hold the bigger picture, who are emissaries of a brighter age. We can each tap into this medicine, reaching forward to borrow levity and inspiration from what has not quite begun. In so doing we help to birth a new light-filled time.

You are one of those visionaries who can hold a bigger picture!

Arlene Arnold (Alandra)

Arlene Arnold is a certified Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator. She has created “tools for the spiritual journey” since 1995. Her oracle decks, ColorCards & Luminaries are enjoyed by many throughout the world.