Time Off:  What Does that Mean?


I’m sitting in a restaurant in the small town where I live.  I walk here periodically as a way to get outside, move my body, and shift my focus.  At one time I might have thought of this as “time off.”

Time off from what?  Time off from sitting in my cozy apartment working on the classes we are offering at The Power of Color; from paying attention to the process of change we are in; from sending blessings to those I know well and those I meet by chance; from listening to my inner voice; from noticing when my alignment has slipped?

(Oops  I was just asked to turn off my computer by the security officer in the restaurant/casino.  He wasn’t sure why that was one of their policies.  What an interesting world we live in.)

Now I’m back home.  Back to thoughts about “time off”.

I find that I do need changes in the kind of focus I am using.  Preparing classes takes one kind of focus; writing a blog another; walking another.  But none of that seems like “time off”.

Just like color is a given in life and moves in us, around us, and through us; so, life can be an organic movement of energy that shifts and changes as needed.  I like what came through me as I wrote the book for the Luminaries.  This is from the section called Vortality.  “Organically evolving, creatively responsive, playfully present, seekers move with, within, and through the vibrations of a changing earth.”

More and more that’s how I experience my life.  I know when I need to get up and move.  I’m aware when my focus has been specifically directed and needs to shift to something less intense.  I recognize this as a new style of living—one that is very satisfying and full of self care.  I find this style offers a more playful approach to life without shoulds or have-to’s.

Are you shifting your approach to life?  If so, what does that look like?  I’m always interested to hear about the varieties of ways we create what is right for each of us.


Arlene Arnold

PS: In January we are offering a 3 part weekly series on 3 of the Luminaries.  We’ll be mining the meaning of the vibration created by the art and the words.