Transformational Musings

Transformation is at the heart of whatever we do

Come muse with us at our Monthly Zoom Sessions. Several of us will share our ideas about a relevant topic that is key to transformation.

These topics will take into account what is happening in our own journeys and what is happening around us that may affect our ability to stay focused.

We invite you to ask questions or offer ideas in the chat box. From time to time we will invite someone to join the conversation.

When it seems important, we will break out into small groups where you can share what you know and what you are experiencing.

Check the calendar for the date and time. Sign up so we can send you the Zoom link.

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We are all spiraling up into higher and higher frequencies. What once made sense to you, may have changed. The people you have been associated with may or may not resonate with you. Together we can navigate all these changes while expanding our understand and allowing the height and breadth of our personal and collective possibilities.


What does your FAVORITE COLOR tell you about you?

Each color has its own frequency.  That frequency has meaning.

That means that your favorite color can tell you something about yourself.

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