Everyone of us has been affected by the trauma around the world in recent days.  This can leave us feeling unsafe and unclear who to trust. Once again we are called into deep mastery work.

This is not about shutting down, avoiding, or turning away from what causes our hearts to ache, our minds to want to solve it, and our fears to arise. Instead, we are here to use divine principles in practical ways.

That means we can choose grounding into the present moment instead of  panic. We can choose to focus on the meaning of this experience instead of retribution. We can acknowledge how difficult this is for all involved, including ourselves.

You and I are involved, even when tragedy happens far away. We may feel the energy of it. We may wonder what fallout might come our way. We may worry for the safety of loved ones. But once you and I have acknowledged the feelings, we can choose to take another route, empowered action.

For each person that may be different. For me, I turn to the subtle realms where colors assist us to change energy if we ask for their help.

As I felt the trauma energy that swirled around the earth. I remembered what I had learned about one of the new colors I am experiencing. Crystalline Rose had told me through my writing that it was here to turn trauma into empowered action.

Some months ago, I had asked this crystalline frequency to work with those who had suffered intense earthquakes.  Now, I asked it to surround the earth, seep into our energy fields and bodies, even swirl around and through those who had chosen to hurt so many people.

As Crystalline Rose moved in and around us, I sensed that those who were willing to receive it began to listen within.  New ways of responding were coming to them. I could feel crystalline rose working on all of us who are allowing this deep shift.

I know that this kind of work is part of my calling.  However, in meditation I have been asking if there is anything else I can do as part of my empowered action. That may come in the form of speaking out in some way. It will always be about how I conduct my own life. I will know my next step as I pay attention to my inner promptings.

How have you responded to this tragedy? If you were being called into empowered action, what might that be? I hope you will comment on this post so we can start a thoughtful, heartfelt conversation.

Arlene Arnold

Founder of Complementary Color Therapy

Here’s an interesting article with the Dalai Lama’s ideas about responding to what we as humans have created.  http://www.dw.com/en/dalai-lama-on-paris-attacks-work-for-peace-and-dont-expect-help-from-god-and-governments/a-18852858