“There is so much more within your crystalline core
than you yet know. It is time for your unfolding. One
step at a time is all it takes.”





Unfolding, a card from the Luminaries Deck, encourages us to go deeper.
There is more that is unfolding from within our core.

When I visualize the process of unfolding, I see a bed sheet carefully folded and stored in a closet. One day you are led to bring this sheet out. Carefully, you unfold it. There are creases in it from having sat in that closet for so long. You smooth out the creases, feeling the soothing touch of closely woven cotton. You had almost forgotten that this sheet was in your closet. You smell it’s fresh scent. You touch it to your cheek. You know that it is familiar even though you have not taken it out for so long.

“There is so much more with your crystalline core. . .” What else might be in that closet? What other precious attributes have you set aside?

It may seem strange to focus on unfolding at a time when there is so much uncertainty. But that’s the point. We are being led to take one step into a new way of being. The uncertainty has removed our solid footing that was firmly placed in patterns of life that were familiar. What better time to step forward, even gingerly, to create a new platform from which to live!

Unfolding goes on to encourage us: “At the right time and in the right place, as you connect with different people and experiences, new possibilities that once lay dormant within you may now emerge.”

“You are invited to join the wave of breathing out new forms and new possibilities, as together humanity and divinity image new possibilities into being.”

As you smooth out the creases of what lies deep within, savor this moment. You are more than you have known yourself to be even though you have sensed that more was there. Like an emerging butterfly, spread your crystalline wings. Be ready to fly into whatever is next.

Unfolding senses our hesitation. This beautiful conscious energy says, “My faceted core encourages you to unfold all that has been hidden within your fathomless inner space.  It is time. . . . Do not be afraid. What you reveal to the world is needed now.”

And so it is!

Arlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy

Luminaries is a 24 deck of mandala cards with an accompanying book. Each card has become a conscious entity that is here to assist us as we move up the spiral of awakening. I offer Course 1 and Course 2 where together we meet, experience, and shift our inner frequencies through the art and the inspired writing.