As often happens to me, my body lets me know that something is up.  Lately I have had sinus problems.  Finally, yesterday my friend helped me to understand the core of the message. 

What came through was not so new, but it’s as if it came to me in a deeper way—a knowing that I can now breathe into. I realized that I was seeing my working as a way of experiencing happiness.  The message was to “be” happiness and then do my work from that vibration. In other words, it isn’t what we do that makes us happy; it’s where we focus.  It’s recognizing that we are already that (happiness).  It is a soul vibration of joy, appreciation, gratitude, love.  As we move beyond the human beliefs that we need to “do” something to be happy, we move into the vibration of who we are.

This concept brought up several connections for me.  I turned to the Luminaries that Lahrinda Eileen and I developed, feeling that the Luminary called Presence had something to say to me.  Here is an excerpt from Presence.

Before a thought can contain it, Presence breathes and shifts as needed.  Softly it imprints wisdom within and channels Divine Mine through those who are willing.

I am now understanding that Presence contains all the ways we experience the “I Am”-the all knowing, that which is unconditional love.  Presence is the Oneness of Source and it is our essence as well.  We are an aspect of Presence.  The challenge is to know that and then be that in our daily lives.

There is a Biblical passage that says, “Be still and know that I am God.”  I have slightly tweaked a take-off from that which I heard recently.

Be still and know that I am of the I am
Be still and know that I am
Be still and know
Be still

This is a big concept, one that comes back to us again and again.  Some reject it because they feel it says we are God.  What seems to be coming in loudly is that we are part of the Oneness and that Oneness is God, the ‘I am’.  Therefore, when we say I am of the ‘I am’, we are remembering that we are part of the Oneness. We are the attributes of the Oneness.  We are love, compassion, happiness, and all those attributes we assign to that which is beyond us.  “Be still and know that you are part of the ‘I am’.”

As we allow ourselves to experience the “I am” that we are, we vibrate that Oneness and all its attributes. Then, we can move into the doing that is part of showing up as humans.  The doing is then no longer separate from who we are.

Arlene Arnold

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