more angel clouds taken by Debbie

Sometimes key moments come to us as messages from a Higher Source. They can often come through what others say.

I just got off the phone with my friend Jean.  She is 90 years old, with a body that is having a number of challenges. Her doctor and kids decided she should stop driving as she was recovering from a broken hip and didn’t have the strength in her legs that she used to have. She feels she has lost her freedom.

I suggested that she is in a time of mastery work. One way I define that is to be clear about your situation, use the tools you have to move forward, and find a way to discover more about what it means to be the highest and best in this new experience.  Mastery work is usually challenging.  It stretches us to places we didn’t know we could go.

As we discussed how she could creatively deal with life without her own transportation, she said “I always try to be the part of the solution, not the problem.”  The truth is that she isn’t just trying, she’s doing that. And in the process of living her life in that way she is inspiring me and so many around her.

As we ended our conversation, I silently asked supportive color frequencies to come to her as she lives her mastery work. I also created a deep intention to connect with her more often both energetically (wishing her well, asking the colors to support her, and connecting with her heart to heart) and by spending time with her. This is part of my master work–to stay focused on all the important ways I am to show up.

What challenge are you responding to at this time?  Are you being part of the solution instead of caving into the problem? Do you see this challenge as a drag on your energy or as an opportunity to practice being your highest and best?

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Blessings as you create your solutions,

Arlene Arnold