Do you sometimes quickly say yes and later regret it?

This pattern can come from a desire to please others.  It can lead to overwhelm and a disregard for your own well-being.


Color Therapy can dissolve this pattern easily and completely.  However, the first step is to recognize the pattern.  I like how Kellyann Petrucci helps us identify the pattern and suggests some common sense ways to shift our usual reactions.  Read her full article here.

Are you ready to dissolve the energy of that pattern so completely that it doesn’t show up at all?  That’s what the Complementary Color vibrations can do.  Or do you have another pattern that keeps you stuck that you are ready to let go?

Every time you release what holds you back, you gain more clarity about who you are and what you are here for.  Besides that, your stress is reduced so your health is improved.

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Arlene Arnold

Founder of Complementary Color Therapy