Passionate AscensionThe energy of change is here to give you lift off.

Here’s a message from the *Luminary ‘Passionate Ascension’.

“Intention and commitment to the spiritual journey have brought you to this juncture.  Now, it is time to leap with faith into an unknown world.  Let your passion propel you inward to your core in order to combust outward into a new way of being, without looking back.”


In a recent meditation of reflection this conversation with my ‘Inner Knowing Self’ came to me.

You are in a time of change!

“Okay, I’ve been hearing that for some time.”

Whatever you are attached to will not allow your life flow.

“Yes, I know that.”

Dig deeper.  This is a complete surrender to your Inner Knowing Self.

“Hmm that’s not so easy. How do I know it will work?”

You don’t know if it will work.  You have never been in this exact energy or situation before.

“So what is new about it?”

There’s no fall back position!  No matter how much harder you try, the old ways of making things happen won’t work.  There is no other choice than to release EVERYTHING that holds you back.

“But what about . . . .  I can’t let that go.  It’s everything I’ve been working toward.  If I let that go, it’s like failing.”

Yup, that needs to go too.

“So if I let that go, what will replace it?”

That’s the mystery and the magic.  The flow that comes from you inner self will take you to the next step.  And sometimes that seems pretty vague.

“What do I do about the part of me that wants to hang on or find one more solution? “

Introduce your Reluctant Self to your Inner Knowing Self.  Both are there inside of you.  Remove the burden your Reluctance Self is carrying.  Holding onto that burden doesn’t let you move on.

“But it feels like the one holding on has kept things together up until now.”

Thank your Reluctant Self for all it has done. You have learned a lot about life by working hard and making things happen. But this is a different time.

“So, what you are saying is that by freeing my Reluctant Self and trusting my Inner Knowing Self, I will be able to move forward.”

Yes, in a way that’s right.  But remember, you still need to take the next step.  Your Inner Knowing Self will let you know what that is.

“How will I know that what I am getting is coming from that deeper place?”

Good Question!  You will know because there is no fear.  You feel it from your heart or your gut. You will feel okay to take the next step without second guessing yourself.  You will feel like you are on a field trip, an exploration.  You can say to yourself, “Let’s see what happens.” Give yourself a time when you will check in and see how it’s going. Always be open to adjusting your course according to what feels right.

“I need to be with this for a while. This is not an easy shift.”

So here we are taking that step into an unknown world.

If you are having trouble releasing the ‘Reluctant Self’, or need some guidance about how to take the next step, Leslie Romine and I are here to help.

Arlene Arnold
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*The Luminaries, A Prism of Change through Reflection and Transformational Art, is a deck of 24 mandala cards created by Lahrinda Eileen, and an accompanying book that came through me when Lahrinda and I were co-creating this set.  It is especially timely because the vibrations of the art, and the words, help you move from where you were into a new way of being human.